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Why a Daikin Fit Air Conditioner Might Be Right For Your Home

February 24, 2022

The Daikin Fit is a side discharge variable speed air conditioning system.

All residential A/C systems can be broken into three categories:

  • 1-Stage Systems (efficiency and comfort control are standard)
  • 2-Stage Systems (efficiency and comfort control are better than standard, but not perfect)
  • Variable Speed Systems (you have great control of your comfort while maintaining excellent efficiency)

We wanted to compare a 1-Stage AC system and a Daikin Fit system to show just how different a Daikin can be for your home.

There are a lot of benefits when a consumer chooses to install a Daikin Fit system compared to a standard AC system:

  1. Longer run times means the AC system will adjust its cooling or heating output capacity to what the home requires at any given time. For example, in the middle of the night your home may only require 40% of the AC system’s “effort” because the sun is not out and the outside temperature has dropped. As the sun rises and outside temperature increases, the Fit system will automatically increase its cooling “effort” to meet your desired temperature. A standard 1-stage system, on the other hand, has only one stage: On.
  2. Greater comfort means the Daikin Fit will produce a more even temperature in the home and remove more humidity than a standard A/C system. Since the Fit is a fully communicating system, the thermostat can make changes not only on temperature, but also on the humidity in the home. The Daikin One thermostat will automatically adjust itself for max humidity removal when needed. If you are hosting guests, it will also automatically increase the cooling to compensate for the extra heat load. In any case, an A/C system that will adjust to your lifestyle and needs is, simply put, smart.
  3. Higher efficiency means less of your money is spent on your electric bill each month. The inverter compressor is the heart of the Daikin Fit system. Since it varies its capacity depending what your home requires, there is typically a 30% or more energy reduction compared to standard 1-stage systems.
  4. Design benefits means the compact size and footprint of the Daikin Fit is considerably smaller than traditional AC systems. The depth of the Fit ranges from 12.6” to 13.8” with clearance space as little as 4” from a wall.
  5. Low sound levels means the Fit not only works with limited space, but is very quiet with the ability to reach sound level as low as 56db(A). A traditional AC system usually operates in the range of 69 to 79 db.
  6. Blue Fin Corrosion Coating means longer condenser coil life and reliability.
  7. 12-Year Warranty mean peace of mind. The Fit is backed by a 12-year parts warranty and 12-year unit replacement warranty compared to the 10 year parts only warranty offered on standard A/C systems.

As you can see, there are many benefits when you choose to install a Daikin Fit system as opposed to a traditional air conditioning and heating system. If you would like more information or to receive a free estimate from our team, please contact us today!

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